Welcome to what will almost inevitably be a short-lived film blog of some of my latest DVD and cinema viewings (and associated memorabilia). After much prompting from my girlfriend, I’ve accepted the challenge to try and put to good use (well, that may be arguable) the accumulated detritus of film knowledge and arcana from the piles and piles of videos, dvds and Blu-Rays that are slowly taking over the flat.

The first idea was to pick a specific area to deal with (I was going to go with Eastern European cinema ) to try and give the site some particular focus, but there’s too much good stuff out there from so many countries, from so many different decades and so many different genres, that sticking to one thing will just give me a reason to let my enthusiasm fizzle out. So…this will be a fairly random and arbitrary mix of genres, countries of origin, artistry and quality.

Will I be a regular updater? I’ve promised my girlfriend that I will try to be reasonably responsible in my duties, but don’t hold me to it…..