Iluzjon – Polish Film Posters


Whilst under communist rule, Polish designers were commissioned to produce posters for films where it was felt that the western originals were not appropriate (maybe too subversive, maybe a touch too much like advertising western products). Instead, designers came up with posters that often bear only the slightest of references to the films they were promoting. Poster designs from this period, and also from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Cuba and other communist countries were bold, colourful, satirical, often with a strong surrealist theme running through them.

A new exhibition at Protein Gallery, curated by Eye Sea Posters, gathers together a selection of posters celebrating the Polish poster scene. Rare examples will be on display by renowned designers such as Wiktor Gorka, Waldemar Swierzy, Franciszek Starowieyski, Andrzej Krajewski, Jerzy Flisak, Maria Ihnatowicz, Jan Mlodozeniec and many others.

A Celebration of Polish Cinema & Poster Design is at 18 Hewett Street, London EC2A 3NN, and runs from 19th to 29th October 2012.

Opening times – Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm, Sat – Sun: 11am – 4pm